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Promised Land Survey has opened a GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Mapping department. Please contact us for more information about our GIS services or to see how GIS can benefit you.

GIS Services - Includes a full spectrum of geospatial services. By incorporating our in-house survey capabilities, we are able to tie projects down, across large areas, via GPS and use of survey technology, onto an established coordinate and elevation datum. Our use of survey data allows us to have much more reliable and accurate data than competing GIS consulting services. This work has been performed for our own PLS jobs as well as for assisting other firms and municipalities in establishing tight horizontal, and vertical control throughout New England. Additionally, PLS has performed this work in Belize, Central America, and assisted in the training of National government workers in the use of GPS in establishing a GIS system.

Data Creation and Data Collection Services - PLS converts paper and digital information into accurate, reliable, useful, and meaningful GIS layers and inputs the data into a well designed geodatabase structure. Our service includes data collection, data interpolation, data integration and geo-referencing.

GPS and Surveying Technology - PLS uses GPS technology and land surveying technology to create and establish accurate digital data that can be used in GIS. The combination of our GIS staff and licensed land-surveyor staff insures the accuracy of our data and of our data collection, which may include but is not limited to:

  • Water and Sewer infrastructure Mapping, Managment, and Planning
  • Storm Water and Drainage Mapping, Managment, and Planning
  • Electric and Gas line Mapping, Managment, and Planning
  • Camp Ground and Park Mapping
  • Building Interior Modeling

GIS Data Support & Data Presentation - PLS can develop, update, and maintain your GIS data according to your specific needs, which may include adding and collecting new data. PLS has experience in web GISystems, and geodatabase design and management. PLS is gaining knowledge in the implementation of enterprise GIS systems.

Downloadable PDF GIS Brochures -

PDF GIS Brochure
PDF International GIS Brochure

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